Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bluetooth and home automation

I just read a brief article this afternoon that the bluetooth standard has been revised, revamped and ready to go after the home automation market. Some smart home pundits have never seen Bluetooth in that industry and although it makes sense for cellphones and cars, I know from my own experience that security is an issue. Looking to participate in this market in the future it's good to see some technology crossover. I suppose the good part is they have more than a headstart as far as partnerships and widespread acceptance, but the bad part is that it is relatively insecure and difficult to setup.

Just reading about yet another security flaw in Bluetooth over at Engadget. Please tell my why would I want this to control the security system in my house, let alone enable it permanently on my PC? "A couple of researchers at Tel Aviv University have figured out a way to get around one of the main limitations of a hack developed last year—namely that you could only gain access to the target device while it was pairing with another Bluetooth-enabled device—by developing a trick for forcing a Bluetooth-enabled device to pair."The other problem that this brings up is that there are only 10,000 pin combinations. I have linux network scanners that can filter through 10k name combinations in about 12 minutes!