Thursday, January 26, 2006

Google +

Google's participation is makes me sceptical. Spyare is constantly being pushed onto users desktop through search engines and their related PPC advertising. Google and others make massive amounts of money pushing nefarious links to a user, so the fact that they would actually make an attempt to put there customers out of business makes me think they're full of shit. Take this example of a search for screensavers on Ben Edelman's blog as an example. Edelman estimates they probably make $150,ooo/month from this keyword alone.

"Google surrounds its "screensavers" search results with ten ads selected from interested Google advertisers. Whenever I see a company buying an ad (online or offline) for a “free” product, I ask myself: How do they make money? With few exceptions, companies only buy online advertising when they expect to get something directly in return. (There are exceptions -- dot-com bubble “eyeball” purchases, Fortune 500 “brand building,” perhaps some free ads offered by the Google Foundation.) But in the case of these screensaver providers, they're almost certainly making money somehow if they can afford to pay Google's high pay-per-click prices.

So how do Google's screensaver advertisers make money? Most of Google's screensaver advertisers really do offer screensavers that are “free” in the sense that users need not provide a credit card number. But they're not free in the sense of being available without substantial adverse effects. Quite the contrary: Users must put up with various forms of intrusive advertising.

Let's look at, a top-ten Google advertiser for “screensavers.”

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