Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Strange Failed Zone Labs Firewall causes problems

I recently had an issue of not being able to connect to certain secure sites. In addition, I was unable to use a version of VNC single click. It was ultimately all blamed on some hanging dll's of Zone Alarm that was packaged into the Road Runner security package. Initially I disabled the service, but after that, windows networking no longer worked, even thought the VNC did. Ultimately, I went into add/rmove programs and choose to 'change' the install of Road Runner's etrust security suite. I was able to keep only the spam protection and remove the firewall and antivirus program. I put Avast on instead for my antivirus solution. Cured!


Anonymous said...
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Johnny Kessel said...

nice one - I see ISPs have begun installing these branded bundles that cause all kinds of issues