Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sun, Google, Microsoft and computer repair

We had a customer drop off a laptop today that was nailed with SpyAxe, which eventually took a repair install to clean. It really made me start thinking about the future of the business of computer repair, and how we can respond to the changes. With Web 2.0 and the hype of software as a service, the PC is going to take a different role in our households and will probably cease to exist in it's present form. Locally installed software will become a thing of the recent past and all the computing power will be focused on managing household applications, such as Video on demand or managing your heating or water consumption. So the question is which companies become important in the new age, and what technologies will drive our business beyond the standard poorly designed and bloated OS's and over-powered PC's we currently repair? It's a question to ponder and we will see how EveryMethod will respond in the future to these changes. My guess is the Winner: Google + Sun Micro Losers: Microsoft + Intel. What's your opinion?


Anonymous said...

Why Sun? Are you thinking GooglePC with a Sun based OS..mmmm