Thursday, January 12, 2006

Symantec "Rootkits" Discovered

Rootkits are becoming more common of a problem these days in the computer world. Many people may not be familiar with rootkits, or what they do, so we decided to inform our readers and customers about them. A rootkit is a hacker security tool that captures passwords and message traffic to and from a computer. A collection of tools that allows a hacker to provide a backdoor into a system, collect information on other systems on the network, mask the fact that the system is compromised, and much more.
Sony BMG had been caught using rootkits towards the end of last year, but today we have a new company using them to possibly jeopardize your security.
Symantec Corp. has fessed up to using a rootkit-type feature in Norton SystemWorks that could provide the perfect hiding place for attackers to place malicious files on computers.