Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm researching the ultimate Home Theater PC

I'm researching the ultimate Home Theater PC cause this market is ready to pop - please check these links out it's important stuff. There's tons of stuff to know!!

I know there are lots of problems that will be worked out - replacing a DVR box seems like a chore for no reason for example - but the more you read, the more it'll start to make sense.

People will jump on this when VISTA ships later this year and we need a thought out strategy on this - we can only make decisions if we know the technology. KR you have the background in this so I'm relying on you to spend some time on this. Hiring decisions must be made with this in mind as's a great opportunity to do packages of hardware bundled with services. Better than relying on virus/Spyware and user stupidity for the next 10 years...

This store is in San Marcos who reps this HTPC case I like .

- Check out this beast

- Here's a great blog

- How to build a build a HTPC for sub $1,000

- Capturing HD content

- Connecting PC's to HDTV (plasma; LCD)

- Video on HTPC streamed to Xbox360 at each TV location with a central HTPC

- Over the air HD

- HD over the air (OTA) is important cause Disney is about to release a service to compete with NetFlix equivalent over OTA. Means downloads of DVD size content over the public airwaves.

- Digital TV 2009