Saturday, June 30, 2007

KitRx MSP Challenges Intro

Other than a few extra grey hairs and other discomforts of different kinds, the transformation of EveryMethod from a traditional IT service company into KitRx - a Managed IT services company - is well on it's way. Everyone in the company has been reeling from the death of our much loved co-worker and close friend, Cornelius Pickering, to a random accident. This devastating loss has tended to make everyone take stock and show a renewed interest in their personal and work life. I'm confident that it will be a positive experience for all when all is said and done - it certainly reinforces my philosophy of Yourself, Family and Work in that order. Although at face value that may sound selfish but I firmly believe if you are fulfilled as a human being you'll be that much more productive as an employee. We love you Cornelius!

In the next few entries I'll be describing the areas of concern and attempt to loosely summarize our daily work life, in the hope that it may benefit someone else in our position.