Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kaseya Is Better Than the Rest, But Caveat Emptor

It's my own opinion that Kaseya's product is the best platform for the technical capable MSP, but Kaseya's ability to prepare potential MSP's to the risk and pain of migration is limited and it's not alone. The marketing team's real job is to level the immediate path for their sales force during the decision process and no more.

This means that in order to counter more and more potential customers objections about the difficulty of moving existing customers to the MSP model, platform vendors throw the Education and Trusted Advisor card. Education and training in a profit center for all MSP platform vendors, as it is for most software vendors but it's unique to this industry that they offer business training. Why you say? Because of their experience with how hard the transition is for us, particularly with tech minded small business owners saddled with existing overhead and process, high existing work loads, and now $2,500 or more per month in software costs and loss of on-site engineering revenue and other issues.

Their job is to sell not to protect us - I only object to Trojan horse tactics. So again, take what you can from all training, marketing and other resources you get from anywhere, but before you spend money on training or consultants that promise you the moon, make damn sure said consultants RUN OR HAVE RUN A SUCCESSFUL MSP FOR (fill in your own brand of deity here) SAKE! Why would you want to hire a consultant that doesn't actually have in-the-trenches experience in the area they profess to be experts in? Leave hiring clueless consultants to IBM Global Services - their customers can afford it - The last time I checked, I cannot!


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