Friday, September 14, 2007

MSP's Are Our Customers Being Educated?

We've been marketing Managed IT Services at EveryMethod KitRx for long enough now to get an idea of what the general small business population is feeling about Managed Services (MSP). Initially we approached the market with the assumption that no-one really understood the concepts and therefore the true value of an MSP and that we would have to sift through the propspects to find the early adopters and price accordingly . We hoped that eventually the flush industry would take the time to educate the ultimate consumer of the service, and we would be able to take advantage of that opportunity as it presented itself. NOT EVEN! With so much marketing effort being put forth by MSP Platform Vendors, Analysts, Technology media and Bloggists - the truth is that none of this is being directed to the end consumer. No branding, no education, No NADA! This leaves us completely alone in the effort to generate interest in our product, an impossible task with our limited budgets, time and exorbitant monthly MSP platform payments. There is no doubt in my mind, that this recent increase in platform sales reported by Kaseya etc. is fueling a "balloon" with limited pressure release. Meaning that even though there are obviously tons of customers around who should pay an MSP vs a break-fix, we will all go out of business waiting. CAN WE GET SOME HELP HERE PLEASE - unbelievable!