Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Symantec Cooperates, Competes With MSP Partners

I have just finished reading another great post by Joe Panettieri of MSPMentor, my new favorite MSP Industry online blog/publication. Joe speaks to Symantec's forthcoming production release of the SaaS product called Symantec Protection Network (SPN), which should be clearly differentiated from it's existing Managed Security Services (MSS) Managed Security product targeting larger Enterprises. This time one hopes Symantec is able to get the branding clearer, as the term Managed Security Services or MSS is actually being used by no less that five of it's direct competitors. No fear though, Joe should keep us up to speed on the developments as they happen, so be sure to subscribe to MSPMentor.

This scenario seems to play nicely into the discussion started in my previous post relating to the development of the MSP SAas channel by Vendors. My hope is that their marketing message will effectively tout the benefits of using MSP's and their SaaS services. [read Joe's full post here]