Monday, April 21, 2008

Updates for 1st Quarter 2008 - R.I.P Cornelius Pickering

A year ago everyone in the company was reeling from the death of our much loved co-worker and close friend, Cornelius Pickering, to a random skateboarding accident. This devastating loss has tended to make everyone take stock and show a renewed interest in their personal and work life. I'm confident that it will be a positive experience for all when all is said and done - it certainly reinforces my philosophy of Yourself, Family and Work in that order. He was a true gentle man and he will always be deeply missed by all his friends at the office and his bro's in the surf.

Other than a few extra gray hairs and other discomforts of different kinds, the transformation of EveryMethod from a traditional IT and residential service company into KitRx - A Managed IT Services Company. [Definition] - is now officially complete. KitRx is our year old Managed Services offering - specifically developed for small businesses with 5 -100 desktops and any number of servers of virtually any brand. It provides a unique and efficient mechanism for system support using Technology to manage Technology. We have invested in the highly secure Kaseya managed Services platform, in addition to the multiple servers to deploy it. We have spent 12 months working dilligently in meeting our deployment goals and we thank the customers who helped us evaluate and tweak the system -

The only difference between the service you have received in the past and KitRx, is the way the service itself is delivered. Instead of the reactive, expensive and inefficient break-fix method of IT services, KitRx provides you with a true partner who is managing your systems on a daily basis. KitRx identifies and responds to many issues before you know they exist, and in all other situations it provides an efficient help desk with a ticketing system and live chat. It provides our skilled engineers all the information they need at all times, to respond and fix your problems - often immediatly with no loss of productivity. It more often-than-not negates the need for onsite support at all, saving you time and ultimately money from loss of productivity and frustration.

For more detailed information about KitRx visit our website

For more detailed information about the KitRx service offerings[pdf]

As a loyal EveryMethod customer we want to provide you as much infomation as possible doing our transition. Below we have listed information about the KitRx transition for our different customers.

Residential: Although it is possible for KitRx Agent software to be installed on residential computer systems, EveryMethod does not provide this service for residential customers or Small Office/Home Office users as the minimum requirement for KitRx is five systems. In order that we don't leave our residential customers high and dry, we have setup a mechanism to support you remotely through our unique and secure (encrypted) streaming technology and provide you with in-shop service at our depot repair location at 511 South Coast Highway #205. As of August 1, 2007 EveryMethod will no longer be making house calls.

Small Business: KitRx software agents can be installed on all your Desktop and Server systems, allowing us to provide efficient monitoring and response both on site and remote. If you choose not to participate in the KitRx program and meet the criteria, EveryMethod will still provide break fix support using a streaming account. To setup a streaming account, please call us at 1866-66-KITRX or 760 487-1356 and follow the prompts for a new customer or request this at time of your service need.

Small Business on Maintenance Plans: The majority of our maintenance customers have already been informed of the transition, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to call me at any time with any questions. As an existing EveryMethod maintenance customer your plan will continue until the contract period expires. After the contract period you will be transitioned to KitRx - if that has not already been done. The KitRx service level agreement (SLA) will detail all the service provided but you affectively will inherit a broader breadth of services.