Thursday, April 02, 2009

Building my new PC

I've been putting this off for years but now I'm forced to build another system when my old faithful CPU bit the dust this morning . I've been using the same desktop since Moses came back in 2000, which is kind of embarrassing as a IT guy. I was just to lazy to build another one and move all the apps and cash is tight - most of my data is on the file server or drives I'll just move over . So I've decided on what I want, ordered it and it came to a whopping $650 for motherboard, decent case, CPU, video card, a little extra memory and a high quality 600w power supply.

- Core 2 Quad Core Q6700 - like a year and a half old but a third of it's original price and still a monster.
- Intel DG35EC Motherboard - actual Intel brand which for $85 bucks is a workhouse - planning to add Windows XP64 with 4-5GB of XM2 DDR2 RAM depending what I find lying around in the office
PC Power & Cooling 600W power supply to run the video card nicely - not cheap at $90 but a must have these days..
- GE 9500T 1GB DDR2 which is a steal for $70 - not the gaming superstar for a $M but seriously good deal mated with the Intel Quad core it should be smoking fast!
- For drives I'm still chewing on spending the money on a solid state drive (you can get a 32GB for $100) but I don't want to deal with the shorter life but booting in 7 seconds is quite the incentive - However, I actually already have a WD Raptor - 74GB 10,000RPM drive - so I'm using that as my boot drive and that will stem the bleeding - I'll RAID two 500gb 7200rpm data drives that are lying around the office to store crap on...